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Easy-pizzy! Nowadays this world of new technologies everyday its becoming easier to contact any voodoo priest online anywhere around the world. Today you can contact any voodoo priest online through emailing or phone calls or even on video calls depending on what you prefer and what kind of magic are you looking For ! At my tempo as Yakub you can contact me via whats-app video calls during performing a certain ritual ( rituals) or you can email me if its your first time talking to me  via provided email  ! today technologies made it possible and easy for us as voodoo priests on line to be in touch with voodoo priest seekers. Now it doesn't matter where your voodoo priest online is located anywhere you can perform any type of voodoo rituals via online and results will be as if you visited the tempo in person.To those who prefer me to perform their rituals on there behalf get in touch with via above methods of contacting me.