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Here is our online reviews/ comments about love spells to bring back a boyfriend from our clients close and distanced clients around  the world and I can tell most of them are happy to work with me. Please note that these are only reviews and comments not my personal recommendation. You still have full responsibility to make decision to work with me or not AND as Dr Yakubu I don't edit or re-write any review or a comment submitted on this Page. If you don't find your review here please bear in mind that our online reviews and comments are updated automatically every 3 Months (three months). Once your review is uploaded on our site  robots you  will be notified   via provided email. For more information read our Indemnifications


Sharon Manchester..UK

Well before you comment on something its better to know the truth and the whole truth! my name is Sharon from Manchester (United Kingdom) was so disappointed with my first healer i worked with to help me in bringing back my ex boyfriend and i thought actually this whole thing don't work and never real, but one day was at work talking with my colleague i asked her what can i really do to make my boyfriend come back to me and solve our differences! i told her i didn't these so-called love spells but still didn't work for me, So on our launch time she suggested that let us give it another try for one more time and she will pay for me the fee a healer will ask . We searched on internet with her phone and....booom' we saw this healer called "Dr Yakubu" so called voodoo priest in Africa i didn't even know what voodoo priest meant that time! so my friend text him and few minutes he texts us back after work my friend talked to him she told him everything he promised to help me actually us and now the rest is history! me and my boyfriend we clicked again and we are inseparable now my friend is happy every time she see us together everything back to normal. my experience with love spells to bring back an ex-boyfriend is that some healers they're liars and fake like the one i contacted at first he only took my money and never helped me. But spells casters like Mr Yakubu here he really helped and i can't complain, he did what he promised me and his love spells that brought back my boyfriend wasn't expensive as the first one my friend only paid him 300 pounds and everything was fine. Am comfortable to write my review here as sign of appreciation. Thank you Mr. Yakub...Sharon ..Manchester UK
Candice. M

From Cape Town South Africa

Am writing my comment from Cape (Town South Africa) and i would like to appreciate the effort and time Dr Yakubu gave me when i was going through difficulties with my boyfriend of 7 Months in our relationship. Well i had an opportunity to meet Dr Yakubu in person and we only met once in Pretoria because i couldn't travel everyday his tempo to do the rituals so we talked and i went back home cape town and he did for me all the necessarily rituals on behalf. The remaining days of performing my spells we were always in contact and within about 4 days my boyfriend who had left came back home and his face was full of guiltiness saying he's sorry and he didn't know what happened but he still loves me and he wants to work things out. Remember he had gone for about 3 months leaving with his family and during that entire time he was saying he had no feeling for me anymore and he needed time alone and i should move on imagine!!. Everything Dr Yakub said Worked for me and i don't have any regret of casting a love spells to bring back my boyfriend, Now we back together and we 're  expecting Our first Born two months from now!  we can't wait him to be born Lol.... Am not writing this online review on behalf of any other love spells caster because i never worked with any other Healer before i met Yakub !,So Am writing my review on someone i know and i have a proof About. If you're looking for love spells rituals that can help you to get rebuild your relationship talk to Dr Yakubu he can help....Candice....Cape Town South Africa.

Catherine .S.

From ..Montana..USA 

My experience with love spells casting services especially here online it looks like before you find an authentic Love Spells Caster or voodoo Priest , you will always be Likely to contact fake ones At First ! Before finding Mr Yakubu i contacted like three Love spells casters, two of them were from India and One from Africa! I hard almost giving up on these so called voodoo Love spells casters  not until one night when i found Dr Yakubu i contacted him that very night And we spoke i explained to him my financial problems and he said i can pay half out of the total fee and can pay the rest on later date. The problem i had was my boyfriend we had never completely broke up but he was seeing another females and he was never committed to our relationship yet i was ready to settle down with him because we had a baby together. Dr Yakubu honestly can't tell which spells he used because all rituals was done via online on my behalf but what i remember it was voodoo love rituals to bring back a boyfriend! As we speak now my boyfriend looks more committed to me and our child, he decided to move in with me so everything looks better than before ! he is a husband material now all am waiting for is an engagement ring.. Lol can't wait as My Dr. Yakubu promised ! In my Review about love spells rituals in bring back your boyfriend i can say before you give up  use voodoo love spell to bring back a boyfriend let Mr. Yakub guide you and sometimes you need a luck be on your side to find a right honesty Healer Like Mr. Yakubu  who can really understand your pain and help...… Catherine.... USA

From Califonia USA

Good day to everyone am writing my online review here as a way of expressing my feeling and happiness not as a way of changing your minds whoever read this when it comes in selecting whom to trust when selecting your healer caster to do for you love spells to bring back your boyfriend. After breaking up with my boyfriend i got in contact with this Healer Voodoo Priest luckily was staying in California so i decided to meet him face to face at his tempo because wanted someone who is operating around my area. we arranged i met him he actually his chanting and summoning of his spirits while calling my name and my boyfriend names, as i was burning some greenish dry herbs i didn't even know, It took like 2 hrs and then he told me to go back home and i should come back tomorrow before the sunrises to be honest at around 6am i was already at Dr Yakubu's Door. Every day for 3 days i doing the same thing "come to the tempo chant spells and go back" on the 4th my boyfriend didn't contact me not even a text so i didn't even know what to expect so went into a panic mode but Dr Yakub just said calm down he will come around everything looks good in front of i waited not until on around 3rd day after finishing doing my rituals i remember was sleeping it was middle of the night my boyfriend called and he was asking if he can see me in the morning and if we can meet and talk! Of course i told Yes we can meet but after the telephone conversation was so surprised! i called Dr Yakub but he didn't answer so i called him again in the morning and he said now everything is done no need for you to come back here go meet him and tell me what said! To my surprise my boyfriend hard a ring and he proposed to me right there! Imagine someone who left because of another woman all the sudden to come back and propose to you !was stunned!!! Anyway all can say now is all is good and can't wait to get married to my one and only soul-mate. Am not writing this online review for you to use it as recommendation of Dr Yakub but i just want the world to know that these love magic spells to bring back a boyfriend or an ex-lover do really work some may be don't work but for sure some healers do really work. ...Evelyn

.... California USA